NIX1 HD is a beau­ti­ful and de­tailed high­ly-re­al­is­tic Nix­ie clock for the iPhone and iPad.

Cold-cath­ode dis­play tubes, or "Nix­ie" tubes as they are of­ten called, are glow-dis­charge in­di­ca­tors com­mon through­out the cold-war e­ra in e­lec­tron­ic and com­put­er dis­play sys­tems. Un­like sim­ple ne­on lamps, Nix­ies can dis­play one of a num­ber of se­lec­ta­ble dig­its or sym­bols. The nick­name "Nix­ie" comes from a la­bel on one of the ear­ly ex­per­i­men­tal tubes— NIX1, for "Nu­mer­i­cal In­di­ca­tor Ex­per­i­men­tal 1".

One of the larg­est and most beau­ti­ful of the Nix­ie tubes was the So­vi­et-made IN‑18, which had dig­its 40mm (1.57") high. In more re­cent times, at­trac­tive and e­voc­a­tive dis­play clocks are made us­ing these vin­tage tubes and the com­pan­ion CT‑IN‑18 co­lon tubes.

NIX1 HD works on a wide range of Ap­ple de­vic­es, from the iPhone 4S to the lat­est iPad.


  • Care­ful­ly re­searched, high-res­o­lu­tion rec­re­a­tions of o­rig­i­nal Nix­ie tubes, com­plete with an­i­mat­ed cross-fad­ing, high­lights, and ac­cu­rate in­ter-tube re­flections.
  • Configurable colon and digit settings (fade du­ra­tion, blink­ing, 12/24 hour time, etc.).
  • Op­tion­al dis­a­bl­ing of the au­to-lock (al­ways, or on­ly when plugged in) for use as a desk, bed­side, or wall dis­play clock.
  • Three co­lours of Nix­ie tubes to choose from: am­ber, ru­b­y, and noir.