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The Swatch company has created a new way of measuring time, called 'Internet Time'. A day in Internet Time is divided into 1000 Swatch beats, each 1 minute 26.4 seconds long, counting from @000, which marks midnight BMT (Biel Mean Time, named for the home city of Swatch in Switzerland).

For more information, visit Swatch at: http://www.swatch.com/internettime.

SwatchHack replaces the normal Palm system time (e.g. 12:00 pm) with Swatch Internet Time (e.g. @500). When activated, you'll see Swatch time in the Datebook, Applications launcher, etc.

Actual Screenshot!
To configure SwatchHack, install and run the companion 'Swatch' program (provided), set your timezone and indicate whether Daylight Savings Time (DST) is in effect in your area.

SwatchHack is tightly-coded, efficient, and compatible with all Palm and PalmPilot devices running Palm OS 4 or earlier.

Note: SwatchHack is a HackMaster-module, so you need to have HackMaster installed on your Palm to activate it. If you do not already have HackMaster, download it now from DaggerWare.

Download SwatchHack. SwatchHack is freeware. Enjoy!

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