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StreakHack - The Original!

Does your Palm 'streak'? Some Palm IIIx and Vx machines show 'streaking', shadow lines extending from vertical and horizontal lines on the display. This is especially noticeable in the Calendar view in the DateBook app.

StreakHack can help reduce the streaking. After activating StreakHack in HackMaster, adjust the contrast to your liking.

One additional effect -- depending on the OS level, the Palm IIIx benchmarks about 8% faster with StreakHack active, and the Vx (using OS 3.3) as much as 11% faster!

NEW IN VERSION 2.x: Now works in 4 and 16-grayscale modes too!
Version 2.1 fixes a conflict with Flash Pro.

TO DEINSTALL: Simply deactivate StreakHack from the HackMaster panel, and then soft-reset your device via the "reset" button on the HackMaster panel.

PLEASE NOTE: StreakHack works on the IIIx, the V, and the Vx, but not on any older or newer models. After installation, you will need to adjust your contrast to the low end of the contrast range.

Note: StreakHack is a HackMaster-module, so you need to have HackMaster installed on your Palm to activate it.

Download StreakHack. StreakHack is freeware. Enjoy!

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