Actual Screenshot!


Who's looking over your shoulder while you enter your password?

The "Off & Lock" feature of the Palm is quite a good one, but perhaps you're like me -- I stopped using it because when entering the password, it shows plainly on-screen! I'd always be glancing around to see if the Palm screen was visible to anybody else nearby.

With SecretAgent, there's no reason to worry. SecretAgent shows only ****** on the screen while you enter your Security password. It works with either Graffiti or the pop-up keyboard, so if your Graffiti skills aren't perfect, you can still enter your password easily.

SecretAgent was written entirely using the on-board Quartus Forth compiler.


SecretAgent works only on devices running Palm OS version 3 and Palm OS version 4. SecretAgent is a HackMaster-module, so you need to have HackMaster installed on your Palm to activate it. If you do not already have HackMaster, download it now from DaggerWare.


After installing SecretAgent and HackMaster, you can activate SecretAgent from the HackMaster panel. It's as simple as that! Once activated, you can enter your password in the Security app safe from prying eyes.

Download SecretAgent. SecretAgent is freeware. Enjoy!

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