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PassPhrase 1.2

Ever have trouble coming up with a new password? PassPhrase helps you choose secure passwords and passphrases for logins, encrypted data, web sites, and so on.

Each time you tap 'Generate', seven items are randomly selected from a self-contained dictionary of over nine-thousand common words, numbers, abbreviations, and symbols. The selection is extremely random, using a strong random-number generator seeded by the exact timing and position of your stylus taps.

PassPhrase offers nearly 7 octillion possible seven-item sequences! (An 'octillion' is a 1 followed by 27 zeroes.)

For added security, working memory is scrubbed when PassPhrase exits; no trace of the selected phrase remains in your handheld's memory.


A good password for an online system is two unrelated words joined by a symbol, for example: jumbo*gate

To properly secure encrypted data a pass-phrase of four or more words is recommended, for example: split envoy clove born mayhem

PassPhrase is compatible with all versions of the Palm OS®.

PassPhrase was written entirely on-board a Palm Powered™ handheld using the Quartus Forth compiler.

Download PassPhrase. PassPhrase is freeware. Enjoy!

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