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A neat feature of the Palm IIIx and Palm V: when the backlight is activated, the dark pixels light up instead of the background. LightHack provides a similar feature for the Palm III (and older Palm devices with backlights) -- whenever the backlight is activated, the screen is inverted so that the text lights up, and the background stays dark.

When the backlight is turned off, the screen returns to normal.

LightHack works on most Palm Computing Platform models up to and including devices running Palm OS 4.

New in Version 2.x!

By request! After turning on the backlight, if you keep holding down the power key and drag the stylus from the Graffiti area to the top half of the screen, the screen will switch back and forth from inverted to normal, giving you full control over how the backlight appears.

Version 2.1 is 102 bytes smaller than version 2.0!

Works with the Palm IIIx and Palm V!

LightHack also works with Palm IIIx and Palm V devices -- but it has the opposite effect; when the backlight is activated, the display will light up in a similar fashion to the Palm III, i.e. light pixels will be lit when the backlight is active.

Note that on the IIIx and V devices, there is an undocumented shortcut ".8" (dot-eight) that will perform a similar function, changing the backlight function to something similar to that of a Palm III; however, upon reset that setting defaults to 'dark pixels lit'. LightHack gives you the functionality you want without the hassle of having to execute a special shortcut after a reset.

Note: LightHack is compatible with all Palm OS devices running Palm OS 4 and earlier. LightHack is a HackMaster-module, so you need to have HackMaster installed on your Palm to activate it. If you do not already have HackMaster, download it now from DaggerWare.

Download LightHack. LightHack is freeware. Enjoy!

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