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Southpaws unite! LeftHack is for us. You know how your hand covers the screen every time you try to use that right-edge scrollbar in the MemoPad and elsewhere? LeftHack fixes the problem. It moves most scrollbars over to the left edge of the screen, where we can get at them without any increase in blood pressure. It also moves the Up/Down buttons in the popup-keyboard and Tips screens over to the left. Now if only it could move the power button...

LeftHack works on the full range of Palm OS devices running Palm OS 4 and earlier. (Note that while it does work on the original Pilot 1000 and 5000, those models didn't have scrollbars -- so only the pop-keyboard and Tips screens are adjusted on those older Pilot models).

Note: LeftHack is a HackMaster-module, so you need to have HackMaster installed on your Palm to activate it.

Download LeftHack. LeftHack is freeware. Enjoy!

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