Quartus Software Products

Find out more! BenchmarkHow fast is your Palm? Benchmark tests your Palm system and accurately reports how fast it runs relative to other models.
Find out more! ClearhackDo dots drive you to distraction? ClearHack removes those annoying dotted underlines in the MemoPad, To Do List, Address Book, etc.
Find out more! Quartus ForthQuartus Forth is a complete development environment and compiler that runs entirely on-board the Palm.
Find out more! LeftHackSouthpaws unite! LeftHack shifts most scroll-bars over to the left-hand side of the screen.
Find out more! LightHackHaving trouble reading your Palm in the dark? LightHack reverses the backlight on your Palm, so that light becomes dark, and dark becomes light.
Find out more! The OracleA hundred questions a day. Here's something that might help.
Find out more! PassPhraseNeed help choosing a new, secure password? Give PassPhrase a try!
Find out more! Quartus RsrcEditQuartus RsrcEdit lets you edit Palm resources and databases directly on the Palm itself.
Find out more! SCX CalculatorThe SCX calculator is an easy-to-use, high-precision, large-digit calculator that has built-in Cost/Sell/Margin buttons for quick retail and sales calculations.
Find out more! SecretAgentWho's looking over your shoulder? SecretAgent hides your password from prying eyes.
Find out more! ShiftHackShiftHack turns control over shifting back to you!
Find out more! StreakHackDoes your Palm show 'streaks' on the screen? This can help.
Find out more! SwatchHackSwatch Internet Time -- on your Palm!
Find out more! TickHackTick tick tick! TickHack adds audible feedback to your Graffiti input -- handy when you're looking away from your Palm while you write.

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