Quartus Forth (Palm version) Library Files

These files are all specific to Quartus Forth 1.2.5 and below, and are provided here unsupported, for historical purposes only. Much of this code will also work with Quartus Forth 2.0.0, but for source specific to Quartus Forth 2.0.0, please visit the correct file section.

These MemoPad source files were distributed with the Quartus Forth 1.2.5 on-board compiler (Palm version).

Directory: files/PalmOS/Forth125/Contrib125
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Download/view this file Duco.zipDuco is a standard four-function calculator with one key difference -- it works in Roman numerals. Written using Quartus Forth!
4703 bytes1998.11.20
Download/view this file MemoDB.zipQuartus Forth 1.2.5 library memos in MemoDB.PDB format, for loading into the Palm Emulator. Note that installing this PDB will overwrite all memos in the current emulator session. (For installing on an actual device, DO NOT use this file; use library.mpa from the distribution .zip, installed via the Palm Desktop software.) 25444 bytes1999.10.7
Download/view this file disasm.zipA DragonBall 68328 disassembler, version 1.0. Ported from original code by Mike Haas. Provides the Standard TOOLS word SEE. 5182 bytes1999.10.7
Download/view this file ulibtxt.zipThese are the same memos as found in libtxt.zip in the distribution, but with linefeed-only endings (for the convenience of Mac and Unix users). 31872 bytes1999.10.7
Download/view this file NoAlarmsQ.zipNoAlarms, by Erwin Schomburg, is an application to help you check on or postpone alarms. Written in Quartus Forth. Sources available by request to Erwin.Schomburg@t-online.de. 8672 bytes2004.12.8
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file clipboard.txtWords to access the PalmOS clipboard, provided by Craig Hunter. 1297 bytes2004.9.4
Download/view this file floatlib.htmA series of files that give full access to the IEEE-754 floating-point routines in Palm OS 2.0 and later, as well as all MathLib functions. Excellent work, contributed by Chapman Flack. 130 bytes2001.10.22
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file srm.txtNew Serial Manager support from Samuel Tardieu. 2915 bytes2001.8.6
Download/view this file Jargon.zipFrom Shawn Garbett -- "I've ported Leo Brodie's old Buzzword Report Generation program to the Palm in Quartus." 26819 bytes2001.4.6
Download/view this file callbacks.zipSteve Bohrer's routines for using callback functions. 1180 bytes2001.3.19
Download/view this file dectrig.zipRoutines for single-cell integer calculations of trig functions with 1/10 degree resolution, contributed by Mike Ressler. 4530 bytes2001.1.22
Download/view this file ezUI.zipTravis Casey has written a UI library for Quartus Forth 1.2.5 called ezUI. It helps with input fields, handling checkboxes, and popup lists, and comes with a few examples. 10173 bytes2001.1.18
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file inlining.txtThis code implements automatic inlining, which marks any new word as "inline" if its code size is less than or equal to the constant maxinline. Contributed by Geert Bosch. 272 bytes2001.1.14
Download/view this file mtask.zipA multitasking extension to Quartus Forth, written by Kristopher D. Johnson. 19026 bytes2001.1.14
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file basic.txtThis is "Quartus Very Tiny Basic" -- LET, PRINT, INPUT, CLS, and REM, just as in the Basic programming language. Needs infix.txt and bnf.txt. It's an interesting example of how Forth can be used to implement other languages. These new words work both inside and outside definitions. Enjoy! 1163 bytes2001.1.1
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file infix.txtAn integer infix module, allowing expressions like LET a=(3-5)*7+2. Needs bnf.txt. 1967 bytes2001.1.1
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file bnf.txtAllows BNF-style parsing words to be defined. From source originally by Brad Rodriguez. 1042 bytes2001.1.1
Download/view this file Dice.zipA graphical dice-rolling app, complete with source. Contributed by Brette Blatchley. 12897 bytes2000.12.10
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file hsext.txtProvides access to the Handspring Visor-specific ROM functions. 1973 bytes2000.12.1
Download/view this file DieRollerSrc.zipFull source to Tammy Cravit's DieRoller app. 17840 bytes2000.11.8
Download/view this file tables.zipA tutorial by Trevor Steele on the use of GUI tables. 16019 bytes2000.11.7
Download/view this file Test-Categories.zipSource code to handle categories, contributed by Rick Flower. 3709 bytes2000.9.27
Download/view this file upload.zipA program to upload/dump selected memo files to the serial port, contributed by Jim Purdy. Source included. 6582 bytes2000.8.26
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file string2anyfield.txtA module that lets you place text in non-editable fields, contributed by Carl Jacobsen. 693 bytes2000.7.17
Download/view this file goto.zipAn implementation of GOTO for Quartus Forth, contributed by Wil Baden. 2756 bytes2000.7.16
Download/view this file ForthLexicon.zipSeveral hundred memos documenting ANSI Forth and Quartus Forth 1.2.5 functions, in MemoPad format (MPA and CSV). Contributed by Brette Blatchley. 64887 bytes2000.7.13
Download/view this file jhclock.zip

(Mac version: jhclock.sit)

A nice analog clock, complete with full source. Contributed by Jim Hendricks. 13877 bytes2000.3.24
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file stringtofloat.txtProvides string>float, a function for converting strings into floating-point numbers. Handles positive and negative values, skips leading and trailing spaces, and accepts scientific 'e' notation. Requires the most recent version of string.txt. 468 bytes2000.3.18
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file floodfill.txtA routine for filling bounded areas on screen. Fast and neat. Requires Palm OS 3.5 or later, and the latest version of color.txt. 1623 bytes2000.3.16
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file color.txtNew functions for easy grayscale and color. For PalmOS 3.0 and later. 1200 bytes2000.3.15
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file colornames.txtAll the built-in Netscape colors as Forth words. For use with color.txt and the new OS3.5 color ROM. 3132 bytes2000.2.8
Download/view this file tinychars.zipA full set of tiny 5x4 ASCII characters, with functions to draw them. 2178 bytes2000.2.2
Download/view this file tickhack.zipTickHack makes each Graffiti character entered 'tick' audibly. Handy when not looking at the screen. Version 2.0 is now available, written entirely on-board a Palm Vx using Quartus Forth while flying back from PalmSource '99! Full source is included.
3862 bytes1999.10.24
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file telephone.txtAn example of how to dynamically create a bitmap from within Quartus. Needs bitmap. 372 bytes1999.10.7
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file holidays.txtWords to calculate various holidays. Needs calendar. 453 bytes1999.10.7
Download/view this file swtchsrc.zipBy request -- the source code for the "Swatch" application. 12868 bytes1999.9.2
Download/view this file oop.zip"Object-Oriented Extensions to Pocket Forth", by Randolph M. Peters, ported to Quartus Forth. Original source included. 7079 bytes1999.6.17
Download/view this file LCD.zipA resource database and library file providing LCD-style digits, 30x40 pixels each. 972 bytes1999.3.17
Download/view this file library.zipMuch requested! The Quartus Forth 1.2.5 source library, in MemoPad Archive format. Much of the source code available in this file area as .txt files is in this archive. Use your Palm Desktop software to open it, and copy the library files to your own Palm device. 22305 bytes1999.3.9
Download/view this file libtxt.zipBy request! All library memo files (from library.mpa in the Quartus Forth distribution) zipped; each memo is in .txt format. 32455 bytes1999.3.9
Download/view this file qdocs.zipQuartus Forth specific words in Doc, TealInfo, and TealDoc formats. Current as at Quartus Forth version 1.2.0. Updated! 42345 bytes1999.3.5
Download/view this file opg.zipA module that allows the use of algebraic (infix) syntax for floating-point calculations. Original source by Wil Baden, reformatted for Quartus Forth (it's portable ANSI Forth code, and thus needed no code changes!). 7677 bytes1999.3.5
Download/view this file Tutorial-v1.02.zipA Quartus Forth 1.2.5 beginners' tutorial, contributed by Steven Donahue. In Adobe Acrobat PDF format, along with the source files described in the text. Updated. Feedback is welcome! 95453 bytes1999.2.10
Download/view this file cassini.zipSource code that displays all of the significant milestone events of the Cassini Mission to Saturn, and how many days before or since these milestones are from "today". Contributed by Bill Zimmerly. 1403 bytes1999.1.28
Download/view this file eme.zipEME.EXE is a DOS executable (works also under WinNT, Win9x, etc.) that extracts memos from Palm OS Emulator .RAM files. Written by Mike Will. Version 1.1 supports .PSF as well as .RAM emulator files. 26902 bytes1999.1.21
Download/view this file isbn.zipISBN displays International Standard Book Number barcodes, such as are found on the covers of most books. It acceps the first 9 digits, correctly calculates the checkdigit, and displays the result. This .zip contains the executable. The source will be posted soon!
4153 bytes1999.1.6
Download/view this file errlist.zipAll Palm OS error codes, listed alphabetically with values in both decimal and hex, including any available description. In text and DOC formats. 12170 bytes1998.12.31
Download/view this file qrsrc.zipA file containing Qrsrc.PRC, a resource database containing utility forms for use in Quartus apps. See input.txt for an example of its use. 634 bytes1998.12.7
Download/view this file DucoSrc.zipSources to Duco with all required documentation and resource files. 11165 bytes1998.11.22
Download/view this file YearSrc.zipSources to Year with all required documentation and resource files. 9699 bytes1998.11.22
Download/view this file dpans94.zipThe entire ISO/ANS Forth Standard, in DOC format. This is a big DOC file, 242022 bytes. 209431 bytes1998.10.24
Download/view this file lines141.zipA Quartus Forth stand-alone app! This is a game called Lines!, written by Matthias Schneider. Give it a try, let me know how it runs on your PalmPilot. Gameplay documentation included. This version is compiled using Quartus D.7.7B. The source is included! 10772 bytes1998.10.22
Download/view this file eisbar.zipThis is an Icelandic drinking puzzle implemented in Quartus by Erwin Schomburg and compiled with Quartus D.7.1B to a stand-alone PRC (7K). Source code is provided. 9662 bytes1998.10.8

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