The files in this section and sub-sections are all specific to Quartus Forth 2.0.0.

Directory: files/PalmOS/Forth/Snippets
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Download/view this file tailrecurse.txtHere's an implementation of a 'tail-recurse' word. It causes an unconditional branch back to the start of the current word. 228 bytes2005.10.2
Download/view this file checkmathlib.txtA snippet showing how to exit gracefully with an alert if your app requires Mathlib, but is not present on a device. 613 bytes2005.8.9
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file hexquit.txtCause the Quartus Forth console to use HEX instead of DECIMAL as the default value for BASE. 175 bytes2005.7.30
Highlighted SourceDownload/view this file validate.txtShows how to easily validate a date using the calendar library. This confirms that the day, month, and year values are all valid. 312 bytes2005.7.30

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