The files in this section and sub-sections are all specific to Quartus Forth 2.0.0.

Directory: files/PalmOS/Forth/Examples
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Download/view this file GlobalFinder.zipA complete example showing how to implement Global Find in your applications. See also GlobalFindExample in the Wiki. Contributed by Paul Randall. 16747 bytes2005.8.19
Download/view this file SortDemo.zipDmSortDemo is a minimal Quartus Forth database application which demonstrates the use of the Palm OS Data Manager's record sorting functions. It uses Quartus' callback word-set to create the necessary DmComparF function used by the sort routines. Contributed by Paul Randall. Requires Quartus Forth 2.0.0. 11338 bytes2005.8.1
Download/view this file panel.zipA simple source + resource framework for creating Preferences panels for your applications. 3464 bytes2005.9.23
Download/view this file hwutils.txtSome devices allow you to blink the charge indicator LED and enable/disable the screen (e.g. for power saving purposes) by accessing a system library. Note that default handling for keypresses cancels the settings unconditionally, i.e. the LED stops blinking and screen is (re)enabled. Settings are unaffected by screentaps unless this event is used to trigger actions to the contrary. Contributed by Erwin Schomburg. 1164 bytes2005.8.17
Download/view this file sun.zipA complete library for calculating sunrise/sunset. Requires PalmOS 4 (for access to the daylight-savings and timezone preferences). Requires the latest versions of the ftrig2, fatan and tester libraries (see the Library section. Also contains documentation (readme.txt) and the original sunrise/sunset algorithm document (sunrise_sunset_algorithm.htm). 5222 bytes2005.8.16
Download/view this file DmSetDatabaseInfo.txtShows how to use DmSetDatabaseInfo on a database. Contributed by Wade Carlson. 609 bytes2005.8.13
Download/view this file pno-demo.zipA demo showing how to create and use PNO objects under Palm OS Garnet and Cobalt. Uses the armasm library module. The complete compiled sample PRC is included. Requires Quartus Forth 2.0.0. 4898 bytes2005.7.31
Download/view this file finder.zipSource showing how to respond to a PalmOS system-wide Global Find in an application. The finder.txt source file generates a stand-alone app that answers to all Global Find requests. The compiled Finder.PRC is provided, along with documentation. Note that the registered version of Quartus Forth 2.0.0 is required to compile finder.txt to a stand-alone app. New-- see GlobalFindExample for a more complete example! 5998 bytes2005.7.28
Download/view this file scrolling.zipBrette Blatchley's excellent scrollbar library, updated for Quartus Forth 2.0.0. See the details on the wiki under "ScrollingModule". 6208 bytes2005.5.29

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