The files in this section and sub-sections are all specific to Quartus Forth 2.0.0.

Directory: files/PalmOS/Forth/Contrib
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Download/view this file WinDrawTruncChars.txtA replacement for the PalmOS API call WinDrawTrunChars, present in OS3.1 and up. This version works properly all the way back to PalmOS 1.0. 1196 bytes2005.9.15
Download/view this file skeleton.txtA source file providing a skeleton for new applications. Contributed by Erwin Schomburg. 2206 bytes2005.7.30
Download/view this file keygen.zipKeygen is a very simple and small application for helping you to generate all those passwords that are nowadays so often needed. Just choose both the length (4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 characters) and the type (numeric, alpha, alphanumeric or hex) of the password and keep generating one until you are happy with it. If you copy and paste it into another application, do not forget to rewrite the clipboard buffer (for instance, copying a dummy string) or soft resetting your device, if you are really paranoid about security. Contributed by Alexis Wilpert. 5905 bytes2005.7.14

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